Hours of Operation

Workday Structure

Normal Support Hours

The ABS department is a business that runs 24/7. Because of this we have extended hours of support. During the work week the IT staff provides support as a group covering the hours of 7am to 5pm.

Lunch Hours

Because we provide support from 7am to 6pm, the support desk is always staffed over the lunch hours.

After Hours Support

Even though we do not have the IT offices staffed past 6pm, there is always one Support staff and one Development staff on call at all times. How to contact IT staff for after hours support is discussed in the next section.

Maintenance Window

The University provides for a maintenance window during which work can be performed on resources including taking offline and thus being unavailable. We use this period of time to make updates to servers and networking devices. This period lasts from 5am to 7am, Monday through Friday. The IT Support staff will frequently have servers down during these hours without notification for standard maintenance work. If we determine that the work being performed will affect people in an undue manner, we will communicate to the Department when the work is scheduled so that you have advanced notice.

Contacting Support

There are two methods to contact support. They are by phone or by email.


The phone number for the support group is 814-863-2336. If you are on University Park campus you can simply dial 3-2336. The phone line is a shared line that one of the various members of the support team will answer, depending on who is in the office. We have two cascading lines that allow for three calls to the support desk at any one time. Any additional calls would go to our voicemail which we check periodically throughout the day. When you call, whoever answers will be able to assist you or will be able to get you connected to the person/team that can.


The quicker way of getting in touch with support is to use email. There is a distribution list called “ABS Support” on our email server that sends a copy of the email received to all members of the Infrastructure and Support team. Whoever is the first to receive it will open up a job related to your request and will ensure that the proper resources are assigned to resolving the issue.

On-Call Process

All of the members of the Infrastructure and Support group participate in a rotating on-call process that provides support outside of normal business hours. The on-call period runs from the end of business on Friday until the following Friday. On-Call rotations include holidays such as Thanksgiving and the Winter Break.

To activate the on-call process you simply call the normal phone number (814-863-2336) and you’ll get a recording letting you know what to do. If your situation is not an emergency, leave a message and your call will be returned the next workday. If your situation is an emergency, you will receive direction on what to do and the on-call service will contact you within an hour.